Getting more cultured!

Now that my replacement has been chosen, I am working on experiencing as much of Belgium as possible before heading back to Liverpool in the summer. This started a couple of weeks ago with a visit to Cinquantenaire.

Bearing a very similar resemblance to a famous Paris landmark it is flanked by 2 museums. One being a war museum and the other called Autoworld. A very lavish Ferrari was parked outside advertising the fact it was a car museum.

2015-04-18 14.43.132015-04-18 14.42.35 2015-04-18 14.59.02 2015-04-18 14.43.492015-04-18 14.54.30I

In front of the striking archway is a public park with a fountain and lots of stalls and attractions around the centrepiece. These included food stalls, theatre groups and a silent disco! This was all complemented by a bed of pink and red tulips that were in full bloom.2015-04-18 15.11.42 2015-04-18 15.08.07

2015-04-18 14.36.39 2015-04-18 14.28.17 2015-04-18 14.27.20

As it was such a beautiful day I then jumped back on the Metro and decided to head into Brussels to have a beer in the sunshine outside a lovely cafe and watch some street artists perform in the square. Brussels was the busiest I had seen it as I walked back towards Grand Place to see if anything was going on in the square but I had just missed a local flower sale which given my track record looking after plants was probably a good thing! Managed to get a few more pics of the beautiful buildings around me again whilst avoiding the many “selfie” sticks about!

2015-04-18 16.56.44 2015-04-18 16.56.49 2015-04-18 16.56.52 2015-04-18 16.57.00

The following week was all about the Zythos Beer festival in Leuven! Meeting up at the bus station in Leuven we took the free shuttle bus to a business park just outside the town to a big warehouse. There were hundreds of people there from all over the world and it was amazing to hear all the different languages and accents from around the globe. Lots of people were dressed up in various fancy dress including monks, nuns and bottles of beer! For 10 Euros you were given a tasting glass and 7 credits to go and sample some of the 1000’s of beers on offer.

20150425_155031 20150425_162258 20150425_151838 20150425_152135 20150425_152145 20150425_152832 20150425_153755

There were so many beers to choose from that you are also given a catalogue as you go in! Out of the ones I tried I enjoyed nearly all of them apart from one very dark beer as it was so bitter. My favourite was also the weakest and it was a coconut beer made by the brewers behind Delirium. Yes I did say coconut! They also had Banana, Peach and Cactus flavours…

After a few hours of trying out the beer we decided to head back to Leuven for food. Whilst waiting to get the shuttle bus I got chatting to a couple of very drunk Belgian guys who actually worked in a brewery. They had won so many beers in the Tombola they were selling them off at a Euro a bottle. Whilst in Leuven town centre it’s always worth popping into one of the many beer shops and picking up some of the more unusual beers available.

Hoping to get some more visits in the next few weeks so stay tuned 🙂


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