RSC Lectures at The British School of Brussels

One of the benefits working at BSB is that we are host to quite a few lectures from the Belgian arm of The Royal Society of Chemistry. Last nights lecture was presented by Professor Sir John Holman from The University of York in the UK.

I have a huge amount of respect for Sir John as he helped set up The National Science Learning Centres around the UK which deliver excellent professional development to science technicians and teachers. I have attended quite a few of these CPD courses over the years and learnt lots of useful skills that have helped me become a better and more confident technician. He is also a big advocate of practical science skills in students which are needed if they are to pursue a career in Science. He has worked alongside the Gatsby Foundation to promote these skills in schools which science technicians prepare practical lessons for students.

The title of the lecture was called “Gelato to Guncotton – The Art of the Demonstration” and last night was a great example of using demonstrations to enthuse students and encourage curiosity. Some of the demonstrations included making ice cream from liquid nitrogen, using dry ice to show that carbon dioxide is acidic when dissolved in water, “burning banknotes” and my favourite screaming jelly babies.

2015-03-24 20.34.26 2015-03-24 20.49.48 2015-03-24 20.52.17 2015-03-24 20.52.25SAMSUNG CSC

This lecture had a very enthusiastic audience especially when we were handing around the ice cream… A lot of last demonstrations I have had the pleasure of demonstrating at school open evenings and on primary school visits to get younger students excited about Chemistry and how much fun it can be!

This was also a lecture that could not have been done without science technicians working hard behind the scenes to prepare and test everything beforehand. I would like to thank my team for ensuring that the lecture ran so smoothly.

There are lots of other RSC events taking place all over Belgium  this year if you want to attend any. Here is a link to their blog for details.

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