Back in my Liverpool home… (For the weekend!)

After a hectic and surreal 6 weeks since my arrival in Belgium I booked myself a flight home for the weekend. With the benefit of a lift to the airport (Thanks Jon!) on the Saturday morning so I did not have to get up at 5.30 A.M. Not that it mattered when my flight was delayed for 45 minutes. Eventually I arrived at Manchester airport to be greeted by my extremely supportive wife and my brother and headed back to Liverpool.

On the way back it felt very strange being able to understand all the signs and recognising all the familiar landmarks on the way back. One of my biggest worries about being away from home for long periods was how our 3 cats would react to my homecoming! Our eldest cat Spike couldn’t care less but Yoda and especially Vader ran off as soon as I walked through the door. After shaking some treats, Yoda headed back in to see me but Vader was extremely unsure. It was only during the night that he was confident enough to get on the bed for some much needed cuddles!





My wife had arranged for some family and friends to visit on the Saturday and it was great catching up with them after so long. The next day we had a quick visit to the supermarket to stock up on cat food and then headed to my parents house to meet up with as much family as could make it for a leisurely lunch before it was time to head back to the airport and onto Brussels ready for work the next day! I’m so spoilt I even managed to get a lift back home from Brussels Airport (Thanks Suzi!)

The whole weekend was very surreal and tiring but I was so glad to see everyone in the flesh rather than Skyping. The next thing to look forward is half term and my wife gets to visit me in my new home. One thing I haven’t had time for is sightseeing so that will be an ideal chance to have a proper look around the city.


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