In my Tervuren home..

So this post is about my local area. I am living with a couple of fantastic people who also work at BSB and have helped me settle into Belgium really well. We live just outside a beautiful town called Tervuren which has a park and forest on the doorstep. The days I can’t get a lift into work I have the pleasure of walking through parts of the park and the views are stunning. Although it takes approx. 30min to walk, the scenery makes up for it.

2014-09-02 07.18.26 2014-09-02 07.27.40 2014-09-07 15.18.042014-09-12 07.21.52 2014-09-12 16.46.27 2014-09-12 16.48.45 2014-09-12 16.50.11 2014-09-25 16.59.43

The morning journey to work is the best. Headphones in with a bit of Chillout music (Air, Zero 7, Portishead etc). It sets you up for the day and has enabled me to get some fantastic shots.

2014-09-12 07.22.15 2014-09-25 07.18.592014-09-29 07.17.20

You can often see people jogging, cycling and setting up fishing rods at 7am and making the most of the ay ahead. Of an evening there are lots of families enjoying the sunshine and people walking their dogs around the park. There are times I wish I had arrived earlier in August so that I could have a picnic in the sun! Until next time…


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