The preproom and fire fighting!

The most important place to a technician is the preproom. Some of us have very small areas to work in and some of us have state of the art brand new large rooms (looking at some of the posts in School Science Technicians on Facebook!). My preproom is a decent size with a lot of equipment and paperwork stored in it and I share with the KS3 technician.

Once I had settled in I began going through drawers, cupboards and shelves to try and create some work space as to me there seemed to be a lot of potential but a good clearout was in order. Luckily enough the technicians that were in during the summer had started already and given the room a bit of a blitz. As I suffer from very mild OCD which in my opinion makes some teachers panic, I made a start tidying. Within a few days I had managed to clear all the benches so that practicals can be laid out clearly and teachers can check what they have ordered. See the before and after pictures below…

2014-08-26 16.23.30 IMG-20140913-WA0002

There is also a massive basement store at BSB which contains a huge amount of equipment, some of which is unusual, old or just unknown!

A very old and heavy vacuum pump!

A very old and heavy vacuum pump!

A possible Faraday cage?

A possible Faraday cage?

2014-09-01 09.00.42

Last week also saw the technicians taking part in some fire fighting training as well. We had a theory lesson first with a powerpoint in Flemish but luckily the pictures were easy to translate and we had a retired fireman explaining as well. Then we had the practical side of our training which consisted of using an extinguisher correctly and then putting out somebody who was on fire! Although the training was of a serious nature we managed to have some fun with the dummy 🙂

2014-09-11 11.12.30 2014-09-11 11.12.56 2014-09-11 11.23.40 2014-09-11 11.34.12 2014-09-11 11.39.11

You can follow me on Twitter @floorphillaz or if you are a technician you can join over 500 colleagues at School Science Technicians on Facebook. Until next time…


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