First Week Impressions

Well that was a busy week!! Walking into BSB on Monday was like crossing a building site! There have been major upgrades over the summer to what is already a stunning campus. The carpark had been completely dug up as well as all the paths around campus to lay new drainage and sewage works. Two new temporary sports halls have been erected in anticipation for a massive development project called Project 321.

The first meeting of the day was for all the new staff to meet the Leadership teams and to introduce themselves. We were asked to reveal one thing that wasn’t on our CV to each other. Sue the headteacher had been on Blockbusters as a student and it turned out that between 25 staff nearly a 3rd had been on TV at some point. (I had been on a dodgy cable show in the 90’s called Mark + Lard’s Pop Upstairs downstairs).

Monday to Wednesday had been useful to let the new staff bed in and get used to each other before everyone was back in on Thursday. I got to spend a bit of time up in Science to meet up with the technicians and get a tour of the department. BSB Science is a similar size to the one I have left at Broadgreen but with the benefit of 4 technicians! My shared preproom is a decent size and unlike in the UK it comes with air conditioning!

2014-08-26 16.23.332014-08-26 16.23.30

Thursday saw more staff meeting whilst we were presented with the incredible exam results and a presentation of a school trip to Ghana to support the teaching and building of classrooms in very poor areas. What struck me during the meetings was how impressive and professional BSB is. It is definitely a world class school that is also an inclusive school which makes it even more amazing.

One think that is going to be different for me is looking after all the different animals in the labs. Not a big fan of stick insects but the toads and the terrapin are fun!

2014-08-29 10.18.48 2014-08-29 08.37.00 2014-08-29 08.29.04

There are also 2 teaching greenhouses that require a lot of attention and care and if anyone knows me I am not green fingered in the slightest!

2014-08-29 09.37.13 2014-08-29 09.20.45 2014-08-29 09.20.18 2014-08-29 09.19.55 2014-08-29 09.18.51 2014-08-29 09.17.29 2014-08-29 09.17.22 2014-08-29 09.17.09 2014-08-29 09.16.59 2014-08-29 09.16.43

At the end of the week I was shattered but learnt so much and have a better idea of what will be required to improve and move the Science department forward fro what is already an extremely well oiled machine.


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