The benefit of STACS to technicians

As I sit on the train to the National Science Learning Centre (NSLC) I have time to reflect on how far I have come as a technician over the last 4 years. Since completing Senior Technicians Co-Leaders in Science (STACS) in 2011 I was able to improve my technician skills and the service I provided to the Science department and find the confidence to demonstrate and present to large groups of students, teachers and technicians. Working with the fantastic tutors at the NSLC is the big reason I a have developed this confidence (Simon Quinnell, Lynn English, Andrea Mapplebeck, Helen Rose, Mark Langley and Katy Bloom just to name a few and of course the NSLC’s amazing technicians George and Jill.



In just 3 years I became a Rolls Royce Award runner up, ENTHUSE National Expert Technician, Gratnells Technician of the Year and became an advisor to Gatsby Education. 

Now I am about to make the biggest change of all moving to BSB in Brussels. A new challenge to face in a new country and a fantastic school.



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