The Interview

After a quick breakfast we were picked up in a taxi and taken on a short trip to BSB for our interview. Part of this was meeting the headteacher, Sue Woodruff who gave us a very positive and welcoming speech about what it means to work at BSB.

2014-06-06 14.27.55

Before we got down to the different stages of the interview process we proceeded on a tour of the school. It was a beautiful, hot day and the perfect weather to show the school off at its best.

2014-06-06 14.47.53

After looking round the grounds we were taken to the Science Department to meet up with all the staff. It’s quite a big department that even has 4 technicians (unlike the UK!). Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming and it felt like a very happy place to work. After a couple of tasks to perform I had my main interview and even had time to have a fantastic lunch in the huge restaurant.

Before I knew it the day was over and we were heading back to the airport and home to wait to hear the decision.


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