The interview

Having never travelled abroad on my own I started to get very nervous but luckily I found comfort in another candidate who was travelling from nearby. (The power of technicians on Facebook!). We met at Manchester Airport and flew into Brussels Airport an hour ahead. First thoughts? Belgian Beer! We worked out which bus took us into Brussels and had a whistlestop tour of the outskirts of the city. As we disembarked at Gare De Nord we found a lovely bar and had a quick beer to refresh ourselves.

Next was a taxi to the hotel in the small town of Tervuren. This consisted of a driver who did not speak any English or who understood road signs! We eventually got to our hotel in one piece and I set out to explore this beautiful place.
2014-06-05 17.18.46


We had been invited for a meal on the evening before the interview and met up with the third candidate and a couple of members of the Science Department at an Italian restaurant for an informal introduction. The food was fabulous and the company was relaxed. After a quick nightcap it was time for bed before the big day ahead!


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