The big decision

So after 14 years as a school science technician in Liverpool I decided to start looking further afield to expand my career and knowledge. A couple of years previously I had seen a job in the Cayman Islands and thought to myself “sounds amazing!”. I applied and got an interview via Skype (I did hope I would be flown over to see the school!). At the last minute though I panicked and turned down the interview.

This worked out well for a friend of mine who got the job when it was re-advertised the following year and she loves it out there!

In May I spotted 2 jobs on CLEAPSS, one in Switzerland and one in Belgium so I applied to both. A week later we had the OFSTED call in work and at the same time I received an email from The British School of Brussels asking if I was available for a phone interview!

With nothing to lose I had a good chat to the Head of Science and Head of Secondary School and I started to get a feeling of excitement. A couple of weeks later and I am booking flights for a full interview at the BSB!



4 thoughts on “The big decision

  1. Jealois now I was going to go for this job but bottled it…so glad your enjoying it, if another comes up I will definitely go for it.

    • Thanks Michael, I know what you mean. I nearly didn’t accept it after the offer but they gave me a couple of days to decide and I made the decision. Definitely the right one so far. More and more of these jobs keep coming up so you never know!

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